New Virtual Mentoring Programs

Coming this January

Watch this recording of our recent information session to hear more about the programs outlined on this page. Thank you for your interest in learning more!

OnTrack is a web-based college and career readiness program geared to help students succeed in high school and beyond. Learn about how to find post-secondary institutions, how to fill out applications, financial literacy tools, and much much more. Each module in the curriculum consists of a short video and assessment - the purpose of this is to make sure that this important content that is learned sticks. This is an amazing resource for any high schooler who is thinking about what path to take after graduation.


Students will additionally be paired with mentors from the community, who will monitor curriculum progress and touch base over a secure platform weekly. Every month, we will host a video meeting for students to discuss what they have learned that month and to participate in engaging activities. Prizes (e.g., pizza coupons, iPads, and perhaps scholarships) can additionally be earned by completing modules and engaging in group activities.


Our mission with implementing this program is to create a supportive environment for students to both prepare for their futures and to foster connections. We are especially aiming to help prospective 1st generation college students reach their post-secondary educational goals with this program. OnTrack can help prepare you, or your teen, for the next steps after high school under the mentorship of a caring adult from the community.

Visit the OnTrack website to learn more and watch testimonials from students who have benefited from this resource.

                      Rewriting Futures Discovery Series                        

The Rewriting Futures Discovery Series is a 7-part social-emotional learning program, which guides a group (4-6 children; 1st-6th grades) through components of healthy relationships, overcoming struggles, and dreaming about the future. Each child will receive a physical workbook that the group mentor will walk them through. Each mentor will receive a guide that gives explicit instructions on how to navigate each topic. On a video meeting with the group, children will fill out their workbooks and discuss components of their answers.


In this environment, children will gain experience with self-disclosure, active listening, and relating to others—all components of social and emotional intelligence. Additionally, children can stay connected with their mentors through the secure Discovery App. We will be adding engaging media content and will encourage group leaders to reach out weekly.

This is an evidence-based program that holds the potential to exponentially help your child navigate their emotions and ultimately look forward to the future. Connecting in this group will also provide children with a new community during this global pandemic.


Visit the Rewriting Futures website to learn more about the amazing benefits this program has to offer. 

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