When children and teens have the influence of a caring adult, they are more likely to avoid risky behaviors and to focus on academics.

Our Success Stories From Bigs and Littles

Each match between a Big and a Little is special. Each has its first match meeting, its own obstacles to overcome, and ultimately its own outcomes in the lives changed. Each match has its own story, some of which you will read here.

Meet Amanda and Kiara

Amanda and Kiara were matched in 2015 when Kiara was 7-years-old. Her mom had enrolled her and two of her siblings in the program because she was working full time and was a single mother. Amanda and Kiara have met on average twice a month for about four hours each time. They do things like go out to dinner, play board games, crafts, and just sit and talk. Amanda has asked Kiara to be a Junior Bridesmaid in her wedding this summer and Kiara is so excited to be part of Amanda’s big day. Amanda has said, “I just love Kiara! We have a lot in common.” Kiara thinks that Amanda is “funny, awesome, and amazing.”

Kim and Jaquala

Kim and Jaquala were matched in 2014 when Jaquala was 11-years-old. Jaquala’s mom enrolled her in the program in hopes of gaining extra support for Jaquala. Kim and Jaquala usually meet weekly for a couple hours at a time. They do things like go to church, go out to eat, play board games, do crafts, and go to coffee shops. Kim checks in with Jaquala to see how school is going and make sure she is staying on top of her work. Kim has said that Jaquala is “a very sweet girl” and has described her as “kind and considerate.” Jaquala has said that she “loves her match and couldn’t ask for a better one.”

Jerry and Jacob

Jerry and Jacob were matched in 2015 when Jacob was 8-years-old. His mom had enrolled him and his brothers in the program in hopes of finding positive male role models for them. Jerry and Jacob meet weekly for about 3 hours a visit. They do things like fish, work on household projects, build models, and hike. The thing that motivates Jerry to be a Big is that he “just enjoys it.” Jacob said that he likes that Jerry “pushes him to be better.”

Tammi and Arieon

Tammi and Arieon were matched in 2016 when Arieon was 14-years-old. Arieon’s grandma enrolled her in the program for extra support as her grandma was also the caregiver of other grandchildren. Tammi and Arieon meet about twice a month for four hours each visit. They do things like attend BBBS activities, go out to eat, go shopping, and watch movies. They also talk about school and Tammi makes sure Arieon is staying current on her homework. Tammi has said that it’s fun to see Arieon experiencing new things when they’re together. Arieon thinks Tammi is “fun, funny, and nice.”

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